About Glampitect

We are the UK’s top glamping site specialists and glamping architects, we want to change the experience that glamping site owners have when they start their journey.

Starting a glamping business has many moving parts, sometimes these parts stop a glamping site from seeing the light of day. We want to help as many people as possible to fulfil their glamping dreams.

We cover every stage in the glamping start-up journey. Being glamping site owners ourselves, we know all the steps you need to take.

Glampitect Services

Feasibility Studies

The first step in the glamping journey. It’s not an easy thing to hit the ground running. That’s why Glampitect create and complete feasibility studies for their clients.

What is a feasibility study? This is where all your initial questions are answered. Understand your glamping site’s potential, calculate how much your site can earn once it’s up and running, your site’s ongoing costs and much more.

The study will essentially show you if your glamping business is viable. Begin your glamping business with a sprint start, check out our feasibility study services.

Planning Permission

A stage that often takes the longest and seems the most difficult. Not every type of pod needs planning permission, so be sure to check that before you begin trying to make an application.

Getting planning permission is a step in the glamping journey that is different for everyone. Each council will have different preferences to another, meaning that applications are not ‘one-size fits all’.

Fortunately, we use our glamping expertise and experience of creating one ourselves to work with our clients in creating a planning permission application.

These applications include our Computer Aided Designs which can give councils a full view and vision of what your glamping site will look like, just look at the image on the left to see an example. A Glampitect visual can be just what gets your application accepted.

Marketing and Websites

Once your site is almost ready to open, we are here to get you bookings! Think of your glamping businesses website as the modern-day shopfront, you need it to look the part in order to get bookings.

We use our skills to market your site and your glamping pods to generate more traffic to your website and ultimately more visitors.

If you’re not setting up a glamping site and are offering other services such as glamping pods, then we can market your website to the widest and most relevant audience possible.

We also carry out Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), working to improve the performance of your site on search engines like Google, making you visible to everyone searching for what you offer.

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